Welcome to Lost Island Exile!

Lost Island Exile is an ARMA 3 Exile server designed to be fun first and built on Ilsa Abramia.

Join to get a unique experience with fellow awesome players and try out some of the interesting stuff we have going on.

Isla Abramia

We run on IceBreakr's Isla Abramia map. Enjoy the lush greenery and snowy mountains. There is plenty of room for take over an entire island for youself as well, so get building!

Fun Events

Nobody likes to be bored while waiting for their friends to finish looting. Why not try out a couple of fun mission with your group?

Custom Features

We aren't a copy-paste community with no development team. We have staff to make our and your dreams come true. Come along for the ride as we continue to make something special.

Action, Loot, and Fun

We know you want to play games to have fun with your friends and enjoy the experience and teamwork. Because of this, we have plenty of loot to go around and to make your experiences exciting. But remember, high loot areas often mean high danger too!

Dynamic Landscapes

The map varies from places of lush green grass and forests to cold snowy mountain regions. You will also find a multiple islands to take control of. To top it all off, the dynamic weather system makes things a little more cinematic as you earn poptabs and respect.


As if the threat of other players wasn't enough, you also have to worry about zombies getting in the way of your loot-runs. The best loot often has a horde of those who got infected trying to defend it.

Interested in Playing?

Feel free to hop in the server a have some fun!

You can also join our discord for more information and to talk with other players or get help.

Discord Invite